Pastor Joey and Mully Govinder are the founders of El’Shaddai Ministries SA. Joey is a theology graduate and comes from a Telecommunications and engineering background who is also  involved in  corporate lecturing and skills development whilst  Mully comes from a telecoms administrative background. Joey has travelled on kingdom building missions, placing great emphasis on this apostolic Kairos in God. He has initiated  ABC Schools which is curriculum designed for equipping believer’s in local churches .They have two sons  Anver and Joshua , two daughters, Michelle and Leah Aimee, and daughters  Melanie Natasha married to Anver ,they have  three children , Shanice and twins Adalane and Adrianne , Tania married to Joshua ,they have one daughter  Adriel Liana

They have a deep desire to see the intended configuration of families birthed in the earth   ( genesis 1:26-28). Christ is the pattern Son that has come to reveal the will of the Father. We who are in Christ are the sons of God. We are here to manifest the Father’s business, which is to construct the family in the image of Christ.

We have a heart to identify, train, send and appoint within the Body of Christ a people that would express the heart of Father God. This is a people that live and move and have their being in Christ the begotten Son of God. Headship is foundational and not hierarchical – it is to lay foundations so that the building will stand.

They  also have a deep desire to see the Body of Christ come together because we realize the head of Christ must find a resting a place. We are deeply committed to city and nation building through covenant relationships globally

In Christ
Joey and Mully Govinder



Maturing a Son

How important is the maturing of a son? is vital to the fulfilling of the destiny God planned for every son of God on the earth. , our Father, does it in His way and in His timing. planned for every son to have a spiritual father on the earth, who has been given the heart of our Father in heaven, to help each son complete their destiny in God and to grow into maturity. (Malachi 4:6, Philippians 1:6-11, John 14:18)


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